Does a Dent Affect Your Car’s Resale Value?

Dents & Car Resale Value Cars don’t last a lifetime, and at some point you may want to sell your old vehicle to a private buyer. Obviously, you want to sell at the highest price possible. There are, however, factors that may affect the vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book Price. You should be aware of how a car dent impacts a car’s resale value.

Dents and Your Car’s Resale Value


Normally, the first thing a prospective buyer does is walk around the car to perform a visual inspection of the exterior. If there’s a noticeable dent, there’s a good chance the buyer will use that as a bargaining chip for driving down the price. Aside from dents, the buyer may also point out nicks and scratched paint to get you to agree to a lower selling price.

Of course, other factors like the interior and mileage will come into play as well. However, most dents can be restored by an auto body repair shop. Likewise, scratches in the paintwork can be restored by a certified auto painting service. Continue Reading →

Are Dealer Dent Warranties Legit?

Dealer Dent WarrantiesWhen you buy a new car, the dealership is going to convince you to purchase a number of “add-on” warranty programs. This includes multiple protection plans, such as GAP insurance, anti-theft tracking, auto painting protection, wheel protection, rust proofing, dent warranties, and other auto repair plans. Are dent warranties worth your money? Let’s find out.

Dent Warranties: Yay or Nay?

In car dealerships, dent warranties are often bundled with other protection plans like the ones just listed. The thing is, most of these warranties are from third-party service providers that provide the deal at wholesale to dealerships. The dealership then sells the plan to a customer at a higher price. A bundled plan varies and may cost anywhere from $600 to $1500.

The cost to fix an average, quarter-sized dent runs for about $150. Unless your car is getting dented left and right, then dent warranties may not be worth the cost even if it’s bundled with other plans.

Here’s something else to consider: those third service providers that handle your dent claims may look for the cheapest local repair service in order to keep overhead costs down. That’s the service you have to take your car to, and the warranty will be voided if you take it elsewhere. The shop you’re required to go with may not be the best qualified or even certified for handling paintless dent repairs. Continue Reading →

New Magnesium Metal May Make Car Dents History

bodyworks auto rebuildThose unsightly car dents are unsightly. Unfortunately, your car at some point or another will more than likely accrue a few scratches, nicks, and dents during its lifetime. This is why there’s a need for auto body repair services. A new type of metal, however, tentatively called magnesium metal, is in the works. It’s so durable that it just might save your car from minor bumps and paint scratches.

What Is Magnesium Metal?

Magnesium metal was developed at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering. Its composition consists of magnesium fused with ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles. The latter is the very same material used in bulletproof vests and military flak vests.

When ceramic silicon particles are infused with magnesium, the result is an ultra-durable metal. Unfortunately, the fusion also means plasticity loss due to the silicon particles clumping together. There is a way around this, though. The clumping can be addressed by dispersing the particles using kinetic energy that’s applied to the molten magnesium alloy. Continue Reading →

The Auto Painting Process at a Glance

body-works-4bLike painting a home, painting a car is a complex process divided into multiple phases. Furthermore, the job requires far more supplies than just a paint brush and can of paint. When you understand the full auto painting process, then you’ll understand why this isn’t a DIY project.

Auto Paint Process #1 – Surface Preparation

The car frame’s body must be thoroughly prepped before the surface can be repainted. This may include basic auto repairs, such as applying fillers, fixing dents, straightening panels, and removing rust. The entire surface will also need to be sanded until nothing remains but smooth, bare metal. This is a painstaking process, and each panel typically requires around two hours of sanding using fine-grade wet-and-dry sandpaper.

Auto Paint Process #2 – Primer

Priming provides a layer of protection between the car’s outer metal shell and the paint. Primer also improves color consistency and resilience of the finish. For a seamless finish, multiple primer applications are required. Continue Reading →

Why You Should Avoid Drilling-In Dent Repair

body-works-4You should say no to any auto body repair service that attempts to fix a dent using a drill-in dent repair method. This method is outdated and may potentially cause further damage down the line. You shouldn’t attempt to restore a dent by employing the method yourself either.

How Drill-In Dent Repair Works

The method is usually employed when the back of the dented area is unreachable. A hole is drilled into the sheet metal and a screw is inserted. A slide hammer is then used to pull the metal back into place. Since the hole has to be patched up and painted over, the process can take several days. A more updated method like paintless dent repair can usually be completed on the same day. It also doesn’t require any drilling.

While drilling-in to repair dents sounds like an effective method, the problem lies in the hole itself. Even if the hole is patched up properly, it still exposes the sheet metal’s interior. This leaves it susceptible to the elements, which can cause the surrounding area to rust. Once the rust begins to show, so will the hole. This will usually manifest in the form of a visible indentation or small circular outline. Continue Reading →

Is Dry Ice Dent Repair a Legitimate DIY Method?

bodyworks-3There are all sorts of DIY dent repairs that can be found on the Web. One such method is dry ice dent repair. Does it really work, though, or is it one of those old wives’ tales? Learn more about this controversial method and whether it’s worth trying the next time you find your car with a visible dent.

How Dry Ice Dent Repair Works

To understand the dry ice method, you need to understand the nature of metal and thermodynamics. Normally, you begin the process by heating the dented area using a blow dryer or other heating application to expand the metal. The next step is to apply dry ice. The heat followed by sudden cold causes the molecules in the metal to contract. This pops the dent back into place. Continue Reading →

3 Tips to Prevent Auto Damage from Road Salt

bodyworks-saltThe roads in Seattle can get quite slippery, especially during this time of year when there’s a lot of rain and even snow in some areas. To provide greater tire traction, city workers will sometimes spray salt on the roads. This is certainly a good thing as it improves road safety. However, salt is also corrosive to paint on a metal or aluminum exterior. Luckily, though, there are a few easy ways to prevent car damage from road salt.

Top 3 Salt Damage Prevention Tips

#1 Undercarriage Spray

Salt can ravage the car’s undercarriage, including the car’s floor panels, suspension, and exhaust system. If you take your vehicle to a car wash, enquire whether an under-spray is used. An under-spray uses a Jetstream of high-pressurized warm water to strip the car of salt and dirt without damaging the paint.

#2 Wax Your Car

Right after a wash, it’s also recommended that you get your car waxed as this provides an outer coating of protection. Be sure to also wax the area close to the tires where salt and brine is most likely to collect. People tend to only wax the parts most visible, such as the hood, trunk, and doors. Continue Reading →

Prevent a Car Dents From Runaway Shopping Carts

bodyworks-shopping-cartIt’s on the back of your mind whenever you park the car at your local grocery store. With shopping carts littering the parking lot, just a little wind can push a cart in the direction of your vehicle. A car dent from a shopping cart will cause superficial yet noticeable damage. While it’s not always preventable, there are steps you can take to reduce the odds of it happening to your automobile.

How to Prevent Dents from Shopping Carts

One strategy is to park a bit further out or even beyond the premise of the store. Sure, this will mean having to walk a further distance, but hey, it’s good exercise. Most shopping carts these days have an embedded sensor to prevent theft. What this does is that it prevents the cart from being strolled beyond an established perimeter. Wherever this perimeter is, park just outside of it. Continue Reading →

How to Protect Your Car from Insect Damage

mosquitoBugs are everywhere, and every now and then a winged critter goes splat on your windshield when you’re driving. While disgusting, insect entrails on your car seem pretty harmless and can easily be cleaned with a sponge, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You really do need to protect your car from insect damage because bug splatter can cause noticeable surface damage.

Why Insects Are Hazardous for Your Car

An insect’s internal fluids are acidic and can dissolve the car’s paint if not immediately wiped away. Lovebugs, for instance, have fluids around 6.5 pH. However, a dead lovebug’s fluid can lower to 4.25 pH in just 24 hours. As you may remember from junior high science class, a lower pH means more acidity. If insect remains are left intact, then the acid can etch into the clear coat and paint. Continue Reading →

3 Crazy Car Crash Videos to Show Your Teenager

Bodyworks Auto RebuildIn the state of Washington, the 16-25 age demographic account for one out of four distracted driving fatalities. Teens and young adults have a belief that nothing can happen to them and may think that texting while driving is no big deal. To really make them understand why they need to be responsible motorists, drill in their heads the dangers of distracted driving. These graphic car crash videos are disturbing and may just be what your teenager needs to see.

Purposely Disturbing Car Crash Videos

Video #1: This video shows multiple pics of car crashes along with some stats regarding teenage distracted driving. It also highlights specific incidents, some of which where the teenage driver survived and others where the driver did not.

Video #2: This is an Australian video that tells the heart-wrenching story of two young teenage girls who were killed after a night of joy riding and drinking.

Video #3: This video shows footage of teen drivers right at the moment of a collision while being distracted in one way or another. Continue Reading →